CEO, High Power Services

In the realm of leadership in the FM sector, Mr. Abdulla pioneered the extraordinary rise of High Power Services LLC (HPS) to a high standard across the region and beyond. Mr. Abdulla, a visionary leader in the facility management sector, has pioneered HPS to an exceptional standard, inspiring excellence, and commitment. His passion and innovation set the stage for the company’s success, earning him recognition in an independent listing by Construction Business News ME as one of the “Top 20 Influential Leaders” in the field in 2022. He implemented milestone strategies throughout the entire operation to pave the way and achieve an unprecedented level of success.

He is a trailblazer who redefined unparalleled quality and premium services for clients. His distinct style of leadership sets standards for providing top-tier services and consistently seeks out new opportunities to expand the business both horizontally and vertically.

Under Mr. Abdulla’s guidance, we accelerated the expansion and upscaled our service portfolio into a comprehensive suite of solutions that encompasses facilities management, maintenance, construction, fit-out, engineering consultancy, manpower supply, and project management. We orchestrate and oversee projects with meticulous efficiency, ensuring precision and attention to detail. The company’s venture into construction signifies a commitment to providing end-to-end solutions, achieving excellence in diverse projects, from commercial marvels to residential spaces, we have embraced the breadth of premium construction projects.

The company has grown and redefined the ever-transforming industry of the facility management sector, and with his guidance and leadership, HPS achieved impactful achievements and ambitious expansion of the developed and high-standard projects. Venturing into construction, fitout, and interior design, IFM services, engineering consultancy and design, landscaping, and achieved fabulous architectural feats.

Passionate, astute, visionary, charismatic, achiever yet humble are the qualities that defines Mr. Abdulla. Experienced in managing projects worth billions of dirhams, Mr. Abdulla’s unique style of leadership is setting benchmarks in providing quality services to clients.

Mr. Humaid brings to this role a relentless pursuit of excellence with a focus on understanding customer’s needs today while anticipating future changing landscape of the industry.



Mr. Rashed is the Deputy CEO and has been leading the company’s Projects division.His current work encompasses several high-profile projects.



Mr. Mohammed is the Deputy CEO of the Soft FM function of the HP Facilities Management.His zeal, enthusiasm, passion, and uncompromising attitude to deliver nothing but the best has provided unmatched services, par excellence. 




DEPUTY CEO – Facility Management

In the fast-paced business landscape of the integrated FM sector, Mr. Humaid has been distinguished by his unique set of skills that led to the development of cutting-edge solutions that redefine the industry’s benchmarks. He has proactively elevated the standards of excellence in the industry of integrated FM.

As businesses navigate an ever-evolving landscape and unveil bold and transformative real estate projects, Mr. Humaid Almarzooqi achieved milestone strategies to set impactful achievements in the acceleration journey that’s redefining the growth of construction work and property management. He achieved to be one of the “top 50 leaders” who achieved and played an important role in accelerating and leveraging insights for an ambitious expansion of the developed and innovative projects.

Beyond his efficient management, he serves as a testament to his commitment to high standards for projects through his insight and dedication to nurturing talent and empowering the way toward a future where integrated facility management is synonymous with excellence and innovation.

Mr. Humaid played as an influential professional and the future of leadership. He is brilliantly illuminated with the potential for innovation and growth, and while delivering distinctive serving-led value to customers, the company achieved milestones in innovative project development.


DEPUTY CEO – Projects

Mr. Rashed leads HPS’ Projects division. His approach is wholesome and holistic, adding to it his experience as an architect and urban designer – he is a perfect amalgamation of creativity and feasibility. His competence and insight are a powerful combination and have led to numerous practical, tangible, especially designed solutions for varied customer needs.

A natural at creating teams, managing skills, and maximizing resources, he has brought balance and brilliance to HPS. We continue to prosper and proliferate under his leadership.


DEPUTY CEO – Specialized Services

With a strong perspective and insight of the innovative FM sector, Mr. Mohamed leads the best practice of specialized services and accelerates the expansion of highly quality and innovative services with passion and insight into the customer and the market needs.

Under his guidance and leadership, HPS services have expanded significantly and diversified into a wide range of new realms. With a focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and adaptable strategies, he is paving the way for a dynamic sector and embraced strong integrative services of landscaping projects, agricultural and irrigation services, manpower supply, hospitality, and more.

Mr. Mohamed Amin serves as a testament to its commitment to the best practice of Specialized Services and heads it with enthusiasm.